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7 Ways to Make Money with Google AdSense {2018 Updated}

Last time, I have told you Google AdSense High CPC Keywords. Today I will tell you 7 Amazing ways from which you can make money with Google Adsense fastly. If you want to make money online then the most legitimate and reliable method known as Adsense.

I’ve seen a lot of programs on the Internet and join them as well, but sooner or later they turned into a scam and eventually I will lose all my money and time too. So, if someone wants to make money, but does not want to risk, then Adsense is for you. Adsense is an “Advertising program from Google” in which you put the code on your blog or website and they show some ads through this code on your website.

All of this seems very easy and good, but the most difficult thing is that Google is very strict when it comes to Adsense programs and policies. Therefore, you must realize the fact that you must take Adsense seriously as a business and be patient.

It’s good that you can create Google Adsense accounts in 7 different ways, which means that if any method is not suitable for you, you can create your account through another way. But the fact is, the same for all methods that put unique fresh and quality content on each site, so Google will not Ban your AdSense account.

earn Money with google adsense

7 Ways to Make Money with Google AdSense


1. Your own blog or website.

The best and basic way to get Google Adsense accounts is through your blog or websites and make money with Google AdSense. You have two options, either create a website and give free things and offer it or sell any goods. Make your brand site and offers can be such little things as offering free logo design services, free e-books or anything that attracts free users. You can buy your own web hosting through Bluehost or GoDaddy and start building your own website. Remember that some countries, such as China, India, and Pakistan Google require that your site must have at least 6 months to create a Google Adsense account in Pakistan.

The second option is that you create your own blog. You install WordPress and then need to set 10 basic parameters after installing WordPress in order to be more friendly SEO. You can blog about anything you like, other than negative things like gambling, porn, hate content, drugs, etc. Once you select a topic message from 10 to 20 fresh, quality and unique articles are at-least 500 words. Make your blog more visible by giving comments on other blogs, sharing links with relative websites, joining forums, etc.

2. Docstoc.

The second way to make money with Google AdSense is Docstoc. Docstoc is a website where you can download documents, templates, E-books, letterheads, paper techniques and presentations. So subscribe for free to Docstoc and upload your own text files, Word files or any documents and make money with Google Adsense account. Remember to use the same email for Docstoc and Adsense as they send you an email for verification. After checking, your account will be activated within one week of the time.

3. Blogspot

BlogSpot is a site where you can create your own blog and write what you want to share with Internet users. BlogSpot is owned by Google, and if your blog has unique content, then Google will give your blog value compared to other website or blog. This way, you can create an AdSense account, and promote your blog easily. Just write 6 to 10 quality, fresh and unique articles and apply for Adsense.

Blogspot - way to earn from google adsense

4. Indyarocks.

Indyarocks is a social networking site, like Facebook. But unlike Facebook, which makes billions of dollars, and gives you nothing at all, Indyarocks gives a 100% commission back to its users. Adsense authorize 3 ad units on a single page, Indyarocks after creating a profile will host one AdSense unit on each page of your page. By approving everything you need to do, write 2 quality and unique blogs and upload 10 images to have a website and apply for Google Adsense. Its fun and very easy to join Indyarocks and create an AdSense account as well.

Try These Ways to Make Money with Google AdSense


5. Hubpages.

If you do not know what you Hubpages seriously need to explore this site. You can take a double benefit from this site. Register for free on Hubpages today and create a full questionnaire. Then write 2 or 3 quality articles and publish them on Hubpages. Now, first of all, include a backlink to your blog or website in these articles. Hubpages is a very high Page rank site and Google prefers its backlink. Therefore, in writing and downloading Hubpages articles you create quality reverse for your blog, and also you can apply for Google Adsense.

HubPages - way to earn from google adsense

6. WebAnswers.

If you used Yahoo Answers earlier than its very easy for you to use Webanswers because it’s very similar to Yahoo Answers. All you need to do is answer some questions asked by members of this site and apply for Adsense after a while. Again, this website can give you a link back to quality. Just leave the URL of your blog for questions related to ask members and take advantage of the high-quality backlink.

7. BloggerParty

It is another way to earn money from Google AdSense. Bloggerparty is another blog of the revenue sharing community in which you have to share your thoughts, experiences, articles, secrets, and tips you will learn over the years. Between all this fun activity, you can also make money by applying through Google Adsense. You can also create a link back to your blog or site that is good for your blog credibility in the eyes of search engines.


So these are the 7 best ways through which you can Make Money with Google AdSense. Try these networks with Google AdSense to make a big amount of money from these. I will soon update more ways in this article so that everybody could earn money from Google AdSense in their own way. I hope you liked our effort on this topic and will appreciate me to post more interesting articles on interesting topics.

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