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Hacking Tricks: Secret Google Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind {2018 Update}

Google is being used by millions of people every day and it’s increasing day by day. Google is very much powerful search engine than anyone can think off. Most of us visit Google only for searching and we don’t know that it’s much more of just searching. We all think that we know each and everything about the internet. But what we know about the internet is just a small piece of knowledge. Every day new tricks came up and blow everybody’s mind.

Today I will share some Google tips tricks and hacks that will definitely blow your mind and the way of searching. These Secret Google tips tricks will force you to say Woow Awesome!!

Check out these Amazing Google tips tricks and hacks and start searching in Google, not as an amateur but as a professional searcher. Here are the 10 tricks or you can say features of Google:

Google hacks and tricks 2017

Secret Google Tips Tricks and Hacks 

1. Do a Barrel Roll

Simply just Go to google and type in “do a barrel roll” and see the magic. The browser will spin 360 degrees. It is a Geeky reference to Nintendo’s star FOX series. Warning* This trick can make you laugh.

Do a barrel roll - Google Trick

2. Zerg Rush

Search for the term “Zerg Rush” and Google will play the game which can be played inside the browser. Zerg is a word which means a race of insectoid aliens in the popular Star-craft video games series. When you type Zerg Rush Google will start behaving like zerglings. This is a race of soldiers which start chomping the search results in Google.

Zerg Rush - google tricks

3. Google can read images

If you have an image and cannot remember the exact keyword to find related images or you are looking for a specific thing but don’t know the name or keyword for that then this fun trick can help you. Google can read images and can generate results for the similar image you upload to search bar. You can access this trick simply by clicking on the camera icon in the search bar on Google Chrome or any other browser (but on other browsers, you have to open google first). Upload the image and wait for the amazing similar results Google will fetch for you.

Google Images Trick

4. Google Gravity Fun

Go and search for “Google Gravity” and see the real fun that Google plays. This is an amazing fun trick from Google. It will shatter the search engine into pieces and you can drag any piece and can move it into the browser.

Google Gravity Tricks

5. Google is little unbalanced (Tilt)

If you see Google carefully it’s a little unbalanced. Google the term “Askew” or “Tilt” to see the unbalanced Google search engine. The whole screen will tilt down a bit to the right of the screen.

Askew Google Trick

6. Blink HTML

Just type the term “Blink HTML” in Google and see the Blinking HTML in Google search engine result pages. This is so much fun to see.

Blink HTML - Google trick and hacks

7. Google makes you feel better

When your internet connection goes and you see the irritating message saying “Unable to connect to the Internet” on Chrome. Then Google tries to make you feel better by giving the built-in game for you to play. Hit the spacebar and the dinosaur will start jumping and this game starts with an endless round. It will make you feel comfortable until your connection resets and you can do searching once again.

Google Games Trick

8. 1998 Google

Type in “Google 1998” and find out the retro Google and every logo from 1998 till now. This is an amazing trick or hack. From Google retro to advance Google in just one trick.

Google 1998 (See the retro google)

These are the amazing tricks and hacks that I think I would share them with you guys so that everybody knows them. See the real fun for the Google Tips tricks and hacks. Now don’t waste time and start using them all!!

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