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I present to your attention a complete guide on how you can make money with Google AdSense and what are its benefits from other Ad monetization networks.

Everyone has the right to earn good money, but not everyone knows how to make money. The secrets of earning lie on the surface. How to make money with Adsense? Through a program developed by Google, it is possible to receive a solid reward every month. This type of earnings involves having your own website or blog.

Table of Content:
1. What is Google Adsense?
2. What are CTR, CPC, and CPM?
3. How much can you earn?
4. Pros and Cons of Making Money with Google AdSense.
5. Types of AdSense Ad.
6. Google AdSense Payment Threshold.
7. Tips to Make Money With AdSense.

Make-Money with Google AdSense



Google AdSense is Contextual advertising network from Google that allows Webmasters to run ads on their website or blog, or even on YouTube channel. AdSense is a very flexible automated system, the types of advertising in it can be as follows: – pay per click – advertisers pay per click on their ads, and payment for impressions. The ads are displayed on your site or blog related to your niche and keywords you use in your posts. Google AdSense is the best Ads platform which can boost your daily income.




Abbreviation for English Click-Through-Ratio. The ratio of the number of clicks on the promotional material or the link to the number of their impressions to visitors. It is expressed as a percentage. For example, suppose you show 3 AdSense ads per page, your first page view is 3 impressions.

Calculation: Clicks / ad impressions X 100. Suppose you receive 5 clicks of 500 impressions, your CTR will be 1% (5 / 500X100).


Cost-Per-Click – you get paid for clicks on advertisements. CPC is usually determined by advertisers. In some competitive niches, such as finance, marketing, Internet products, etc. advertisers are willing to pay more for a click than in other niches.


CPM means cost per thousand banner impressions (Cost Per 1000 Impressions). Sometimes advertisers choose CPM ads instead of CPC.

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The commission that you will receive for each click depends on how many advertisers pay Google for a particular ad. You will earn a share of this amount. Personally, I can say that payments can range from two cents to $ 14 per click.

Nevertheless, you can rarely get something higher than $ 1, although in time you will notice that much more you earn with just lower rates. It is important to note that I will not undertake to tell you exactly what you earn with a specific amount of traffic. People always want to know what the average cost per click is.

Nobody knows the answer, except Google, so personally, I do not recommend you to listen to someone in this case. It’s unlikely that I or any site owner in AdSense will be able to give you this information, since all ads are different, and we do not know how much advertisers are willing to pay.

how to earn from google adsense

Nevertheless, there are some niches for which they pay more than others. So, it is logically correct to believe that the words “auto“, “real estate“, “earn” and so on, can bring you much more money per click, as these are keys with high competition, which are used quite often. The higher the competition for a specific search query, the more advertisers will pay, hence – the more you can earn.

For example, if you see that for a day you earned $ 13.70 for 10 clicks, then you can independently calculate that the average cost of a commission per click is $ 1.37. But remember that this is only an average. You will not have information on how much it costs to click on each specific ad. The amount of your earnings also depends on how targeted your site’s traffic attracts, how closely the topic of ads matches the interests of your audience, the location of ads on the pages, and what commission you get for each click.

Ideally, you should create a site about what you are good at, and what you know a lot about. Thus, it will be much easier for you to create a sufficient amount of content on this topic.

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There are several benefits you can get for making money with AdSense. Few of them are listed below:

  • It’ Free and Always Will Be.
  • It is Easy To Earn From 1000-3000 USD, Without Many efforts.
  • Eligibility Criteria for making money with AdSense is quite easy if you understand it correctly by research and learning. This post helps you that.
  • Google AdSense ads are fully responsive. You can easily select or even can create your own in the Ad unit according to your website look and feel.
  • You can also create or select Ads for mobile and tablet devices.
  • The best thing is that you can run as many Ads as you want on different sites with just one Account. (AdSense allows only one account and multiple for high business).
  • You can add it to your YouTube channel and even to blogger.

As you can see the benefits of make money with AdSense, there are also some drawbacks which are also needed to be considered:

  • Google AdSense can disable your account at any time if you break the rules and I have rarely seen that they return the account.
  • You need targeted traffic to achieve the success of make money with AdSense.
  • One bad thing is that when a user clicks on Google Ads which are showing on your website, they redirect to that Ad and leaving your website behind which can increase bounce rate.

how to make money with adsense



As Google has a variety of Ad Types which you can run on your website. They are listed below:

  • Images: Image-based ads are like graphic Ad images. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can tell AdSense that you need this size for Image ad and can get the code for that.
  • Text: The second popular ad type is Text-based Ads. Text ads usually use words like Ad Unit(one offer) or a Link Unit(list of offers). They come in different sizes and shapes. You can create your own easily.
  • Rich media Ads are now becoming popular as they include HTML, Flash and other interactive features.
  • Flash Ads
  • Video and Audio Ads
  • Custom Search Engine box on your website is allowed by Google AdSense which improves your site searching power for any visitor.

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So what’s the threshold? It is that amount or target or point to which you have to reach your earning to payout your income. Google AdSense pays you on monthly basis and its minimum Threshold is $100. The maximum is as higher as much you can LOL…!!! If you are failed to earn $100 in one month, then that month’s earning will be shifted to next month’s earning and you can cash out that in next month. Each time you reach the minimum threshold of your AdSense account, Google will send you the payment but asks before either you want it this month or in the next month’s earning together. You can tell AdSense what to do with that.


So after reading all of the above helpful information, I think you get all of the answers to questions in your mind. Anyway, Here are the bonus tips to make money with AdSense which are my own tips which I learned in my online earning duration:

  • Always follow the rules which Google has specified for you. Webmasters must read these Google Webmaster Policy and AdSense Program Policy before applying AdSense to their website.  Violation of the rules threatens the loss of this service.
  • Never ever click on your own ads or ask your friends or family members to click on your website Ads. Buying Pay Per Click (PPC) or using any kind of software which generates traffic to your website. By using this, you are breaking the rules and you know better how Google is strict in the sense of rules. You will get banned forever.
  • To place advertising it is necessary in such place that it was evident to the visitor of a site. A good solution is to use large square advertising texts at the end of the article on each page. You can also place ads in the article itself.
  • You should write quality content and drive quality traffic in order to increase your AdSense earning. The better your content and traffic are, the better you will make money with AdSense.
  • Ads cannot be placed on a site that is intended for sales because buyers can go to a competitor and buy a product or service from him by clicking on the advertisement.


As you can see, the Google Adsense program pays well for those who take into account all the recommendations. You can earn a handsome amount from AdSense. That the most interesting, to receive the income it is possible in any country, being engaged in this business. I hope you understand each and everything about AdSense and making money with Google AdSense. If you have any question or query you can ask me in the comments. Thanks 🙂

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