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How To Make Money From YouTube (5 Methods to Earn From YouTube)

Are you tired from YouTube strict rules? But still, wants to make money from YouTube? Then this article is especially for you and also for those who want to earn online on the internet.

Today I will tell you about one of the most popular ways of earning on the Internet – earnings on YouTube. You will receive a step-by-step instruction, after studying which you can start earning your first money from Youtube. You will not be able to get rich from YouTube, but you can earn an additional $ 300 – $ 400 per month easily.

Sit down comfortably, let’s go!

how to make money from youtube

New Rule for Creators to make money from YouTube

Today, “Youtube” is one of the most affordable ways to earn money on the Internet, because virtually every person has a computer and other gadgets with video cameras that allow you to easily create videos and upload them to your YouTube channel. It’s no secret that every day more and more people are using the opportunity to turn their knowledge and skills in the field of creating video into an additional or even the main source of income that can be created entirely without investment.

YouTube gets one billion unique users a month and most of them are already making money from their videos. With every 1000 views you get on your video, you will generate a revenue of 2$-3$. If you upload 50 videos and each video gets “10,000 views then the profit you generate will be 1000$. That will be awesome earning. But this is not easy as it takes time and hard work to reach that level of earning.

Make Money on YouTube

From the above concept, the YouTube rules are changed now in the last few months. The new rule which is becoming barrier is creators cannot apply for monetization till their channel reaches 10,000 views. But don’t worry it’s easy to reach that Threshold limit. In this article, I will tell you best ways to make money from YouTube easily. Just focus the tricks and try at least once to succeed.

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Here are the best ways to Make Money from Youtube

Now let’s look at how you can earn on your YouTube channel and what you need to do in order to get the maximum profit at the current attendance.

That is, the same channel can bring with the same attention as 1000 rubles a month, and a thousand rubles a day!

Method 1: Direct advertising in video clips

At the beginning of a video, a watermark, textual or any other mention of the company, product or service of the advertiser who addressed you.

For example, you are conducting a video blog on travel around Europe. Then at the beginning of each video, you can post a picture for 3-5 seconds with the advertisement of a travel company that specializes in selling tours to Europe and providing related services.

Payment for such advertising you can take, for example, at a fixed rate for placing both in one video and in a series of videos on a particular topic.

Direct Advertising in Video Clips - Make Money from YouTube

Method 2: Contextual advertising Google Adsense

These are pop-up ads that match the topic of your video. YouTube selects them for your video content.

After that, you receive a payment for each transition on this ad. This Google AdSense method is the simplest and most common.

However, in most cases, it is not the most profitable, although the income coming from users’ conversations by contextual ads is the most stable.

Contextual Advertising Google AdSense - Make Money on Youtube

Method 3. Sale of goods or services

Based on the opinions of authoritative videobloggers, one can safely say that this method is the most profitable among others. For example, in the case of earnings on contextual advertising, you get only a small part of the money, thanks to which the advertiser and sells their goods or services, which means it is profitable for him.

By selling your products, you accordingly receive all the money that you can earn with advertising. I think that this is understandable.

If you look at the earnings with the help of Youtube view advertiser, it is sometimes more profitable to place your ads on other people’s channels (using someone else’s video) than earn on third-party advertising and receive small money for a click.

Sale of Googd or Services - Make Money from YouTube

Method 4: Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs – great earnings for narrow-minded YouTube channels with good attendance.

If you for some reason do not want to sell your own products or services, then you can advertise on your channel products of third-party authors that correspond to the theme of your video blog.

To do this, you can also place affiliate links and mentions in your videos and with each affiliate sale receive a commission whose amount today is from 40% to 100%!


Method 5: Combined earnings – your blog + YouTube channel

This bundle allows you to increase the amount of traffic and create additional opportunities for earning. How does it work?

For example, if you have a blog on WordPress, then traffic from it can be directed to your YouTube channel and vice versa. If you are configured to integrate your blogs with social networks, then it allows your blogs to exchange visitors. So you create more marketing traps and traffic from two types of blogs is generally better converted into money.

Make Money on YouTube


In the article, I told how much you can earn using “YouTube” and tell you the methods to make money from YouTube.  By the way, starting to make a profit from the Internet with the help of your channel, you immediately become a video blogger.

I wish you luck and great profits on Youtube!

If this article is useful to you then share it with your friends and others so that everybody could earn from youtube easily. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the topic in the comments.

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