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How to Increase WiFi Speed Up to 5x Times with Simple Steps

How to Increase WiFi Speed 5x Times – For a long time you use the Internet or just connected it, probably already should be familiar with what is “Wi-Fi” and the “Router“. Thanks to this device you get wireless Internet in the entire area of the apartment, office or even can enjoy this benefit of civilization in certain public places. If the signal is bad, then the “Wi-Fi speed is slow“, and when the speed is not enough, sometimes you may have a very long time to load or not open some pages. In a public place, you can not do anything about it, except to go closer to the source, but if the router is at your house – a completely different matter. Today we will look at how to increase WiFi Speed.

how to increase wifi speed 5x times

How to Increase Wifi Speed Up to 5x

The technology of wireless Wi-Fi networks is gaining popularity and distribution. Many modern devices that we use (smartphone, tablet, laptop, router, TV), can work with wireless networks Wi-Fi. The most common at the moment is the IEEE 802.11n standard. The main characteristics of a wireless Wi-Fi network are coverage area, connection speed, and quality. In some cases, you need to make a choice in favor of some parameter, the most important for you. Decide what you need in the first place: maximum coverage, fast or stable communication.
Today I am going to share with you guys some simple tricks which can increase WiFi Speed on your home internet. Simply just follow the below ways to increase the speed of wifi and enjoy the high-speed internet on WiFi-enabled devices. Try all of them.

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1. Use the Latest Wi-Fi Technology.

One of the best ways to make sure that the home network works as quickly and reliably as possible is to use modern hardware. If you are using an outdated hardware then, then we recommend using latest WiFi Technology. The main thing you need to know: wireless standards A, B, and G are old and slow, and the only N can provide the highest speed. You need to make sure that the wireless router and network card support standard N.
increase wifi speed using modern technology

2. Reboot Your Router With A Schedule.

The second best way is to reboot your router with a Schedule with an appropriate time as it refreshes all the router settings and clear all the empty packets on the router. In this way, you can increase the speed of your WiFi internet. We recommend rebooting your router once in two days. You can also set schedule for rebooting in the settings of your router.

schedule reboot to increase wifi speed on laptop

3. Choose the right place for the router!

The position of the router matters a lot. If you are placing the internet router in the corner then it is 80% chances that the speed of Wifi will slow down. The ideal location of a Wi-Fi router is a three-meter mast in a clean field and complete absence of any interference. The best place is to put the router in the middle area of your house as possible and keep the router away from other electronics.

right place of router in home to increase wifi speed

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4. Forward to technology! 802.11n.

The standard Wi-Fi 802.11n increases the data transfer rate almost fourfold in comparison with the devices of the standards 802.11g (the maximum speed is 54 Mbps), but only on the condition that all devices on the network support 802.11n.

forward to 802.11n to boost your wifi speed

If you are using an old laptop (before 2009) to work on the network, then the speed with the other 802.11n devices can be reduced (up to 80%). This happens when a slower laptop actively transmits or receives data. To maximize the performance (or at least verify it) of the 802.11n network, it is recommended to use only this standard in the network.

5. Boost WiFi Speed with DIY Hack.

You know you can increase your home WiFi speed with Beer Can. Yes, it’s true you can increase your WiFi Strength to about 1.5 times by this method. Simply cut the Beer Can in vertical and put it on the router antenna to boost WiFi speed.

increase wifi speed using DIY technology

6. Beware of wi-fi thieves! Configure Security.

Always put the password on the wireless network. The absence of a password in addition to the loss in speed can lead to an intruder entering your computer. To ensure the security of your Wi-Fi, select the “WPA2-AES” encryption in the router settings. This encryption is difficult to crack. Using “WEP” or “WPA / TKIP” encryption can result in a significant loss of bandwidth.

secure wifi router from hackers to increase wifi speed

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So these are the Tricks to increase the speed of WiFi on laptops or mobile phones. We recommend you to try all of these above methods to get the best results. You can boost easily the internet speed with these tricks and can experience the high-speed internet. We hope you all like the post and will appreciate us for our work. Please share this post with your friends and don’t forget to share your thoughts below in the comments. Thanks 🙂

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