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How to Crack All Windows Admin Password Without knowing the Password

Everybody wishes to Hack or Crack Windows Password. Not only windows but also wants to hack android and iPhone mobiles. But these tricks of hacking only seems to be easy. Windows Password was not easier to crack in 2010 but know it can be done easily. In my last article, I have shared 9 Mind-Blowing Windows 7 Hidden Tips and Tricks and today I will share an awesome hack of Windows. Today I will tell you guys How to crack windows password without knowing the old Admin Password.

Today millions of users are using Windows and many of them have admin password on their laptops or PC’s windows. Suppose if you forget your login password for windows then what will you do? Most of the people prefer to install new Operating System to reset the password which is not a solution to this problem. You can lose the data which is on your C drive or Desktop. If you want to crack windows password without any loss then here I bought 2 methods to Crack Windows Password without knowing old Admin password.

Windows password crack

Methods to Crack Windows Password (Admin Password)

The methods I am sharing with you guys can be applied to any Windows. One method is by simply by using your Administration account and another one is through different virtual OS. With the help of these methods, you can access in internal files of your system and can reset the password easily. So let’s begin:

Method 1: Through Admin Account.

If the circumstances have developed in such a way that you forgot the Windows password, then we recommend that you reset it using the built-in account called Administrator. This is done in a “Safe Mode“, during the boot or reboot of your PC.

1. To restore access to your computer, you just need to press F8 during reboot(restart) of your PC.

2. In the already opened menu, in which you will be presented with some additional options for booting your operating system, select “Safe Mode“.

3. Next, you have to select the built-in account, that account is not protected by any password.

4. Now click on that account and Go to Control Panel>User Accounts. There you will see an icon for that account whose password you want to change or reset.

5. There you can change the password by simply clicking on “Change Password” item and enter and confirm the password. All done and now restart the PC and enjoy.

Windows crack through Admin accountIf you did everything correctly, since you followed the above sequence of actions accurately, while still on the desktop, you should disable the window with the message that Windows is running in the necessary “Safe Mode“, which is as simple as possible.

Method 2: Through Different Visual OS.

You can reset the password through Visual OS. Just follow the procedure below:

1. First of all, Create the CD working with Linux ISO file or Windows ISO file. (Install operating system Linux or Windows CD or buy already installed OS CD).

2. Now Boot the CD in your PC through boot menu and go to Installation Process of Windows.

3. Press Shift+F10 and you will see the CMD Prompt windows.

4. Now type sethc.exe and rename it to sethc.1exe.

5. Now rename the cmd.exe file to sethc.exe.

6. Restart your computer and Go to login screen normally. On Login screen, simply press Shift button five times.

7. You will see the Command Prompt screen. Just type net user username *.

8. Now change the password and Done. Enjoy cracking of Windows Password. 🙂

Windows password reset

So these are the simplest methods to Crack Windows Password without knowing the old password. These methods are very helpful if you forgot the password and want to change or break the password. These methods are only for educational purpose. Use these tricks in a positive sense. I hope you like the post and will share it with all of your friends. Thanks 🙂

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