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9 Mind Blowing Hidden Windows 7 Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Tweaks

Hello friends. Today I would like to share with you various simple tips, tricks, and tweaks from my many years of practice using a computer on the Windows 7 operating system. After upgrade of your operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7, you would definitely love the new taskbar, aero theme, and many other things. But this still not enough you see after upgrading the Windows.

Today I will reveal some Windows 7 tips and tricks, tweaks & hacks that you missed and will love to see them. You would love to use them and will appreciate our work. Don’t forget to check Awesome Tips & Tweaks of Google.

So here are the best 9 mind-blowing Windows 7 Tips and Tricks including Hacks that will help you to completely understand the new OS. We will give you as many tips as we can and will still updating this article later so that everybody can get enough knowledge about Windows 7. After knowing these tips, you can teach your friends and teachers these amazing wonderful tips.

Windows 7 Hacks and tweaks

The Best Windows 7 Tips and Tricks List:

Don’t waste your time now and check this amazing tips and tweaks which I bundled up for you guys in this article. Try these hacks and enjoy the fun.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts for Programs

We usually apply built-in shortcuts to programs and most of us don’t know that we can create our own Keyboard shortcuts for programs in Windows 7. You can do this by right-clicking the program icon and select properties. Select the shortcut tab from the above tabs, then click on Shortcut key field and enter your own desired Shortcut for that program. Check the Screenshot.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

2. Open Command Prompt for any Folder

This is a hidden trick which I will reveal today so that every person should know that. We only know that the command prompt can start from Start>Run>CMD and for there we can run a command for any folder. In this trick, you can open CMD for any specific folder also. Simply press “Shift” and then right-click on the folder icon. You will then see the hidden Command Prompt option there and can use it.

Command Prompt for Folders

3. Expanded ‘Send To’ Menu

Do you know that when you right-click on any folder you will see an option ‘Send To’ then you are sending the file or folder or anything to some destination which the menu show? You can expand the “Send To” menu by right-clicking the Folder by holding Shift button. This will help you guys to open the hidden Send To features.

Send To Expanded - Windows 7 Trick

4. Can Customize the Power Button

You can customize the power button easily. This feature or trick is not known by many so that I think I should share this Windows 7 tips and tricks with you so that you can enjoy this amazing customization feature of Power Button in your Windows. Right-Click on the Start button and select properties, there you can customize the Power button action and can also customize start menu by clicking on the “Customize…” Button.

customize power button in windows

5. Customize Recent programs in StartMenu

You can customize the recent programs list in Start menu by right-clicking the Start button and then select the properties. Then on Start Menu tab click on “Customize…” Button. You can choose the number of programs list to be shown in the Start Menu and can also the number of items displayed in “Jump Lists” in Start Menu.

6. Access Jump Lists

Jump Lists usually displays when you right-click on the taskbar icon. However, you can access the Jump Lists by pressing and holding the left mouse button and dragging it upwards (this is for desktop computers). If you want to do this on the laptop, then you don’t need to press any button, you can access it without pressing any button.

7. Can Rearrange System Tray

This small trick can be very helpful if you want to customize the system tray icons. You can rearrange the icons displayed in the system tray by simply pressing and holding the icon and then dragging it on other position.

Re-Arrange System Tray

8. Tweak Performance of OS

You can increase the performance of your system. First, click on Start button and then right-click on the Computer and then Properties> Advanced system settings. In the Advanced tab, Performance> Settings> Visual Effects. Now tick the “Adjust for best performance“. This will un-tick the graphics and animations options which are not useful for the PC and just using the PC Performance.

Increase System Performance

9. Quick Access to Task Manager

You always access the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and then selecting it from the Lock Screen Display. I will tell you the easy and quick way to access task manager. Right-click the Taskbar and then choose the “Task Manager“. You can also pin the Task manager to the taskbar by right-clicking and select “Pin this program from taskbar.

Taskmanager - Windows 7 tricks

So these are the mind-blowing Windows 7 tips and tricks including hacks for you to try. Enjoy these tweaks. Thanks 🙂

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