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Google AdSense High CPC Keywords 2018 Updated {15$/Click}

Google AdSense is one of the best and top rated monetization network to generate money from your website, blog or from your Youtube Channel. You can earn money from your blog or website if you have a good source of traffic. Google AdSense was founded in 2003 and then it rapidly captures the market and makes it place. Its Ads serving algorithm works on the keywords density which exists in your posts.

In 2011, when the world was not much developed, the high CPC keyword was “Mesothelioma“. This keyword was worth of $100 per click. But now in 2018, there are many high rate keywords which will pay you more than you think off. You can earn from the Google AdSense High CPC Keywords by using them in your post and can write articles on those keywords.

Google Adwords and Adsense

Let me explain you the Algorithm of Googe AdSense if you have a blog or website based on “Fashion” or “Health“, then the served Ads will be of Fashion or Health. If you like to earn more and more money from Google AdSense then you must choose the best High CPC (Cost-Per-Click) niche and have to publish the posts related to those High CPC Keywords. If you use low CPC keywords on your site then you must not expect to earn more from the blog.

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How can you Earn More from Google AdSense?

Before providing the list of High CPC Keywords, I would like to tell you How to use and earn from those Keywords. Suppose you have earned $5 from 50 clicks, then your Cost-per-Click earning from these clicks will be almost $0.10. Ask yourself are you satisfied from this earning? Or You think this is enough earning? The answer is No. Everyone wants to earn more and more from the internet.

So the Question is how to earn big amount from Google AdSense? I will tell you the best solution to earn Big handsome amount online. Let’s take an example, you picked up a keyword from the below list or any other good keyword of CPC rated $3 and if you get 50 clicks on the Ad daily then your estimated earning will be:

Daily income $3 x 50 clicks=$150

Monthly income 150 x 30 days= $4500

See how much you can earn monthly from the high CPC keywords. However, you can use other advertising networks along with Google AdSense in order to earn more and more money. So use high CPC keywords and make a big amount from online work. (Read Must* You can find High Rate CPC Keywords from Semrush, Ahrefs, Adwords and other keyword finder tools online).

Now don’t waste time and see the list of High Rated Keywords.

AdSense Most Expensive Keywords of 2017

List of HIGH CPC KEYWORDS of 2018 Updated

Use these keywords in your post in order to earn more. It’s not difficult to make big amount from these keywords if you follow the above procedure carefully.

  1. Best mesothelioma lawyer ($935.71)

  2. San Antonio car wreck attorney ($670.44)

  3. Accident attorney Riverside VA ($626.90)

  4. Personal injury attorney Colorado ($553.08)

  5. Top personal injury attorneys ($551. 32)

  6. Motorcycle accident attorneys Los Angeles ($551.11)

  7. Structure settlements ($539.82)

  8. Car accident attorney Orange Country ($507.54)

  9. Cash Advance Structured Settlement ($489.91)

  10. Business Phone Systems PBX ($470.77)

  11. Business Planning Services ($465.75)

  12. Austin drug rehab ($463.05)

  13. Orange Country accident attorney ($450.91)

  14. Best College for Teaching Degree ($443.50)

  15. West Palm Beach criminal lawyer ($435.81)

  16. Website for Hewlett Packard ($432.11)

  17. Dallas truck accident lawyer ($425.70)

  18. Sell settlement ($424.56)

  19. 18 wheeler accident lawyer ($419.59)

  20. EI Paso accident lawyer ($414.18)

  21. Truck accident lawyer Houston ($411.04)

  22. Fort Myers DUI lawyer ($410.96)

  23. How to sell a structured settlement ($407.90)

  24. San Bernardino car accident lawyer ($395.12)

  25. Lancaster personal injury lawyer ($392.66)

  26. Mesothelioma claim ($390.93)

  27. Austin TX auto insurance ($388.58)

  28. Accident attorney Phoenix ($384.34)

  29. San Diego water damage ($381.65)

  30. Personal injury attorney South Florida ($374.40)

  31. Structured settlement buyer ($373.50)

  32. Oregon accident attorney ($367.34)

  33. Truck injury lawyer ($358.29)

  34. The best car accident lawyers ($356.81)

  35. Motorcycle lawyer Los Angeles ($354.13)

  36. What is structured settlement ($353.25)

  37. National structured settlements trade association ($349.79)

  38. Buy structured settlements ($346.72)

  39. Flood restoration Chicago ($346.49)

  40. Business phone service providers in my area ($344.25)

  41. Honolulu lawyer ($340.84)

  42. Denver water damage ($340.71)

  43. San Diego flood restoration ($338.98)

  44. Car accident attorneys Houston ($338.48)

  45. Structure settlement cash ($336.84)

  46. Best business smartphones ($336.31)

  47. Structured settlement rates ($335.95)

  48. I have a structured settlement and I need cash now ($335.71)

  49. Dallas TX car insurance ($329.30)

  50. Settlement payments ($329.03)


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