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How to Get Approved Google AdSense on YouTube 2017

I’m sure you have read my previous post which was about “5 Methods to Make Money Online“. Now in this article, I will give you tell you how to approve Google AdSense on YouTube Channel easily. Before applying, you must know about Google AdSense. This is very important to know before applying Adsense on YouTube that how it works and what are the Polices or terms and conditions that are defined by Google for the users.

What is Google AdSense?

Basically, Google Adsense is an advertisement application which operates by Google itself. Google Adsense is a program which generates revenue from your website, YouTube channel, blog or Facebook Page. If you are a blogger or you have a site or any Youtube Monetized Channel then I’m sure you must have a pretty knowledge about AdSense.

Google Adsense allows website owners to display ads, images, targeted text or any content related videos.  So whenever a user visits a particular website where Google ads are enabled or display income is starting generating on the behalf of clicks and views. Revenue generated from clicks are of two types: one is “per-click” and second is “per-impression“. The more clicks on the ads and the impressions generated by these clicks, the more you can earn.

Google AdSense Restrictions

In last few months, Google has banned many countries for AdSense to be applied on bloggers Websites and YouTube channel. As the ‘rules and regulations‘ are getting strict, it’s getting harder to approve AdSense on your site or YouTube channel. As many bloggers sites are banned from Google which leads most bloggers to be discouraged. After watching all this I have decided to show a method to instantly get Approval of Google AdSense on YouTube channel. When your YouTube videos get more views, you have to apply for an AdSense account to connect with your YouTube account. Effectively connecting the two accounts implies you’ll be qualified to get paid.

Google Adsense Approval on YouTube

How to approve Google AdSense on YouTube channel


Here are some Points to be followed which will lead you to the Approval of Google AdSense on YouTube account easily:

1. Before start for applying Google Account ensure that your website, YouTube Channel should be compatible with Google Adsense.

2. Go to Gmail and create a new account.

Create Gmail Account

3.  You Must make sure that your monetization of your YouTube channel is enabled. For that login with that new Gmail account and create a new channel.

4. Click on Video Manager and then go to Monetization option which is on the left sidebar.

5. Click on Enable Monetization

Enable Monetization on YouTube


6. Next step is to accept all terms and conditions of YouTube videos Monetization. So Click on “I Accept”.

7. You will now soon receive an email from YouTube that your Channel is now monetized and you can show ads on your videos.

8. Be sure to upload right videos that are created by your own and provide the right title, description, and tags for your video.

9. Wait for the video to be uploaded correctly and then click on monetize option and choose the layout of the ads to be displayed on the video.

10. After upload of the video, check your video that ads are showing in the right place.

11. Now go to the link: https://www.youtube.com/account_monetization?action_adsense_connection=1

Google AdSense on Youtube

12. Click “Yes” and then Click on “Yes, proceed to Google Account Sign-in”.

13. Enter your email and password and then click Sign-in

14. Click on Continue Button and after that, you will be presented with the form. Just fill the form in the right way and submit it. Do not provide any wrong information about you.

15. Now, wait for the AdSense to be approved quickly. This will take 2-4 hours to be completed.

Approve Google AdSense on YouTube

Something is very necessary to keep in mind that the income which is generated from Google Adsense is from both the clicks and the impressions. Basically, impressions are the numbers of times the ad is shown on your videos, channel, website or blog. Another mind-blowing tip is if you include “Google Search box” in your website code, Google Adsense give a percent of the profit. If the visitor use the search box and the searches are related to the content.

Google Adsense” requirement is that your content, the video should be full of popular keywords. Channel should also Popular(Popular means the visitors are coming in handsome amount) and the most important thing is the advertisement shown on the attractive place of the channel. To get approved Google Adsense for YouTube you must have to make your own videos not a copy of somebodies videos. The use of Appropriate tags, Description related to the video will be beneficial. If your videos are copied then Copyright issue will occur on your YouTube channel. Which means that you are violating the “Google Adsense Policies“. And Google will ban your channel.

I hope this article will be very beneficial for those guys who are seeking the information about how to approved Google Adsense On YouTube. Visit our site Resultimes for more Information about making money online, jobs, news, and Results.

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