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FPSC Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer Past MCQS 2018

Past MCQs 2018 for FPSC Inspector Custom / Intelligence Officer – Today we have bundled up past guess MCQs 2018 of FPSC papers. We are here to share with you guys solved past papers so that you can prepare yourself easily for the exams and can pass it with ease. We all know that exams preparation is necessary to clear the screening test. So that’s why we are providing this post with our dear users and the students of Pakistan who have applied for FPSC Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer Job 2018.

These MCQs will definitely help you to pass the exams and to tell you what kind of questions can be asked in the paper. We recommend you to share it as much possible as you can with your friends and also on your facebook timeline, groups and pages so that students can get benefit from this. Remember Allah help those who help others. 🙂

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All Past Papers MCQs:

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FPSC Custom Inspector Past Paper MCQs 2018

Q: The Inland Revenue Wing of the FBR is responsible to collect?

A. Income Tax
B. Sales Tax
C. Federal Excise Duty
D. All of the above taxes
Answer: Option D

Q: The most populous Muslim country in the world is?

A. Pakistan
B. Egypt
C. Indonesia
D. Iran
Answer: Option C

Q: Pakistan Fiscal year starts from?

A. 1st September
B. 1st January
C. 1st April
D. 1st July
Answer: Option D

Q: Which is a provincial tax in Pakistan?

A. Excise tax
B. Sales tax
C. Import Duty
D. Motors token tax
Answer: Option D

Q: Pakistan is located in the tropic zone of?

A. South
B. North
C. East
D. West
Answer: Option B

Q: There is how many chapters included in Income Tax Ordinance?

A. 11 Chapters
B. 12 Chapters
C. 13 Chapters
D. 14 Chapters
Answer: Options C

Q: Insert the missing Number 36,28,24,22?

A. 23
B. 19
C. 20
D. 21
Answer: Option D

Q: There is how many schedules included in Income Tax Ordinance 2001?

A. 9 Schedules
B. 6 Schedules
C. 7 Schedules
D. 9 Schedules
Answer: Option D

Q: Bird is to nest as a horse is to?

A. Ride
B. Stable
C. Gallop
D. Mare
Answer: Option B

Q: There is how many sections included in Income Tax Ordinance 2001?

A. 235 sections
B. 240 sections
C. 250 sections
D. 260 sections
Answer: Option B

Q: Zoo is to animals as an aquarium is to?

A. Alligator
B. Bird
C. Fish
D. Horse
Answer: Option C

Q: Corporate tax is levied on?

A. Landlord
B. Municipal corporation
C. Joint stock companies
D. Importers
Answer: Option C

Q: Who was known as engineer king of Mughal history?

A. Babar
B. Jahangir
C. Shah Jahan
D. Aurangzeb
Answer Option C

Q: Central Excise Act, 1944 was repealed by?

A. The Federal Excise Act, 2002
B. The Federal Excise Act, 2004
C. The Federal Excise Act, 2005
D. The Federal Excise Act, 2007
Answer: Option C

Q: “Al-Farooq” and “AL-Ghazali” are written by?

A. Hali
B. Shibli Nomani
C. Deputy Nazir Ahmad
D. None of above
Answer: Option B

Q: Name of Central Excise Duty has been changed as a Federal Excise Duty on?

A. 1st July, 2003
B. 1st July, 2005
C. 1st July, 2007
D. 1st July, 2008
Answer: Option B

Q: Abdur Rehman I was the conquer of __?

A. Spain
B. India
C. Iraq
D. Iran
Answer: Option A

Q: Inland Revenue Wing of the FBR was created, which is a combination of ___________ domestic taxes?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
Answer: Option A

Q: Rothas Fort near Jhelum was constructed by?

A. Babur
B. Akbar
C. Sher Shah Suri
D. Muhammad Shah
Answer: Option C

Q: If we deduct direct tax from personal income, we get:

A. Net national income
B. Personal saving
C. Disposable income
D. Per capita income
Answer: Option C

Q: Umar Khayyam was a famous?

A. Poet
B. Politician
C. Jurist
D. Historian
Answer: Option A

Q: The largest part of national income is?

A. Consumption
B. Investment
C. Transfer payments
D. Saving
Answer: Option A

Q: Woodrow Wilson was a President of which country?

B. Russia
C. Italy
D. France
Answer: Option A

Q: We measure national income by this method?

A. Expenditure Method
B. Income Method
C. Product Method
D. All of above
Answer: Option D

Q: Wilson’s famous fourteen points formulated on?

A. January 2,1918
B. January 8,1918
C. January 18,1918
D. None of above
Answer: Option B

Q: The International Atomic Agency (IAEA) was established on July 29,1957, its Headquarter in?

A. Vienna
B. New York
C. Paris
D. London
Answer: Option A

Q: The most important source of a government is?

A. Foreign loans
B. Taxes
C. Printing of new money
D. Sales of government property
Answer: Option B

Q: Silicon is a?

A. Conductor
B. Semiconductor
C. Polymers
D. None of above
Answer: Option B

Q: In Pakistan, taxes are levied by?

A. Prime minister
B. President
C. Federal Cabinet
D. National Assembly
Answer: Option D

Q: Indonesia is located on the bank of?

A. Indian Ocean
B. Arabian Ocean
C. Red Sea
D. Atlantic Sea
Answer: Option A

Q: D.F Mulla was a famous personality of Indo-Pak he relates to which?

A. Sociology
B. Literature
C. Law
D. History
Answer: Option C

Q: Jabir Bin Hayyan was famous in which branch of science?

A. Geography
B. Physics
C. Zoology
D. Chemistry
Answer: Option D

Q: Government finance is called?

A. National Finance
B. Public Finance
C. Private Finance
D. Both a and b
Answer: Option B

Q: A direct tax is that which:

A. Is heavy burden on the taxpayer
B. Cam be directly deposited in the banks
C. Cannot be evaded
D. Is paid by the person on whom it is levied
Answer: Option D

Q: The first satellite sent into space was?

A. Apollo
B. Poineer
C. Sputnik
D. Luna II
Answer: Option C

Q: By which country signed the “Defence Pact ” with Pakistan First?

A. Iran(1957)
B. Turkey (1957)
C. Saudi Arabia (1957)
D. Iraq (1957)
Answer: Option B

Q: In Pakistan, the government budget is prepared by?

A. National Assembly
B. President of Pakistan
C. Ministry of Finance
D. State Bank of Pakistan
Answer: Option C

Q: If government increases tax, private savings:

A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. Do not change
D. Will become zero
Answer: Option B

Q: When Tashkent Pact was signed?

A. January 10,1966
B. March 10,1966
C. April 10,1967
D. June 10,1968
Answer: Option A

Q: Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan?

A. Major General Skindar Mirza
B. Quaid e Azam
C. Liaquat Ali Khan
D. Ghulam Muhammad Khan
Answer: Option A

Q: Taxes on commodities are?

A. Direct taxes
B. Indirect taxes
C. Progressive taxes
D. Proportional taxes
Answer: Option B

Q: Govt. Prepared its budget:
A. Weekly
B. Monthly
C. Annually
D. Quarterly
Answer: Option C

Q: It is a direct tax?
A. Excise tax
B. Sale tax
C. Income tax
D. Custom duty
Answer: Option C

Q: Who was the first Commander-in-chief of Pakistan Army?

A. Major General Sir Douglas Gracy
B. Major General Azam khan
C. Lt. General Hayat khan
D. Frank Messervy
Answer: Option D

Q: When the name of Lyallpur was changed to Faisalabad?

A. September 1,1977
B. August 1, 1978
C. January 1,1979
D. March 1,1980
Answer: Option A

Q: In which city of Pakistan King George VI was crowned on May 6, 1937?

A. Lahore
B. Rawalpindi
C. Multan
D. Peshawar
Answer: Option C

Q: Which tax is not shared between central and provincial governments?
A. Excise tax
B. Sales tax
C. Custom duty
D. Property tax
Answer: Option D

Q: Which is a provincial tax in Pakistan?
A. Excise tax
B. Sales tax
C. Custom duty
D. Motor token tax
Answer: Option D

Q: The famous cultural place Harappa is situated near?

A. Multan
B. Lahore
C. Kasur
D. Sahiwal
Answer: Option D

Q: Identify the occasion with regard to “Yaum Furqan” in the history of Pakistan?

A. March 23,1940
B. August 14,1947
C. August 14.1973
D. None of above
Answer: Option A

Q: The budget estimate prepared by the ministry of finance is finally approved by?
A. State Bank
B. President
C. Senate
D. National Assembly
Answer: Option D

Q: Devaluation means:
A. Change in the currency of a country
B. Decrease in the value of gold
C. Decrease in the value of money in terms of foreign currency
D. Decrease in the value of money internally
Answer: Option C

Q: When the central Board of Revenue (CBR) was established?
A. 1st April, 1924
B. 7th April, 1924
C. 6th April, 1924
D. 9th April, 1924
Answer: Option A

Q: Masjid Wazir Khan situated in which city of Pakistan?

A. Peshawar
B. Karachi
C. Lahore
D. Faisalabad
Answer: Option C

Q: What is the highest civil award in Pakistan?

A. Nishan e Pakistan
B. Nishan e Haider
C. Sitra Khidmat
D. Nishan e Juriat
Answer: Option A

So these are the Past MCQs 2018 for FPSC Inspector Custom / Intelligence Officer Written MCQs test. We will soon provide more MCQs which will surely help you to pass the exams with ease. So be connected with Resultimes and also don’t forget to share it with your friends and on Facebook. Thanks 🙂

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  1. Plz do guide me
    Which book should I buy to prepare the test???

    • Use ILMI FPSC Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer Guide 2018 By Rai M Iqbal Kharal

      And also read the MCQs from Our Website

      • Assalam o Allaikum kindly tell can i apply for two different post i.e. case no f4-178/2018-r and f4-180/2018-r.
        kindly reply me on my email address. Thanks Jazzak Allah khair

      • Sir , slip ka Nichae likha hai bank treasury slip lana laazmi hai , sir marae paas to nai hai , to kya ma test da sakta hu ?

        • You have to take Original CNIC, Treasury receipt and downloaded copy of Admission Certificate at the time of Test… Try to find your treasury slip as it is mentioned that you must have that slip at the time of test… It is compulsory 🙂

        • yr agr ap se slip gum hogai h to koi bt ni ap roll numbr slip or admisison form k sath test date pe chale jna or un ko kehna k mre se T.R slip gum hogi h wo apse 1 confirmation letter sign krwae ge or phr ap test de sako ge… is k lye must h k ap ne admission fee submit krwai honi chaye

  2. when custom intelligence test will be held as last day of form submission was 20 jun 2018

  3. Can u tell me plzz when u will announce ur next vaccancies for custom officer ?

  4. hi.i applied for custom inspector last time.now fpsc have again advertised 19 posts.should we have to apply again or it’s new posts.last date is 20-08-2018.and what’s the status of last applying???

  5. why we can’t apply again?

  6. kindly guide me about paper division. which book i follow for preparation?

  7. kindly tell me k do posts k lye apply kya ja skta h kya i.e. f4-178/2018-r and f4-180/2018-r

  8. Dear, When applying for custom Officer, Should I attach medical proof of height and chest?? Also plz tell test date for who applying for 20 August.

  9. sir mein ne yeh puchna hai kay kya is me medical test b hoti hai jaise k bloof test …. ya sirf chest eye and height plz answer zarur dena aur just mcqs test hogi ya writen me papers honge thanks

    • Agr ap ne Bs-16 and BS-17 k lye apply kia ha to ap ka bs Screening test (MCQs test) hoga…aur agr ap ne BS-18 k lye apply kia to ap ko Written test b dyna hoga…. and height and chest test hoga… blood test ka criteria me ni btaya gya means ni hoga 🙂

  10. Sir fpsc exam me nagtive marking b hoti h kia?
    Or kitny marks ka paper ata h or totally paper mcqs pr conduct hota h????

    • No negative marking….
      Agr ap ne Bs-16 and BS-17 k lye apply kia ha to ap ka bs Screening test (MCQs test) hoga…aur agr ap ne BS-18 k lye apply kia to ap ko Written test b dyna hoga…and total MCQs marks ka ni btaya gya guideline me… hr test k different MCQs hn gy

  11. Good

  12. hope u will be fine. sir custom inspector ki old or new seats ka status clear kr den.i have already applied in June. should I again apply or leave new advertised seats for custom inspector. test dono ka ikatha ho ga ya separate. new advertised seats mn koi corrigendum ka zikr bhi nhn.

  13. Sir what is the course outline for the post of custom inspector
    Alg Alg btana har subject ka sir

  14. Ch asad sahb
    First time apply kia ha abhi20 aug wala pa to kia test dTe ha or kaha sa ata hai mcq or or bs mcq he ata h us k bad kia ta

    • Ap ka test 11th November ya us k bd hoga… and MCQs aen gy…agr ap an Bs-16 and Bs-17 k lye apply kia to bs MCQs test hoga..but agr ap ne Bs-18 k lye apply kia to written test b hoga

  15. Thanks sir i just want to knw that wht is the selection procedure of inspector custom/IB is there any negavting marking

  16. Sir Please send your mobile number please its urgent

  17. sir test k time kya kya le kr ana hai???????

  18. What is the date of test and in which institution.

    • If you applied in June/July then, your test will be on 9th September 2018…and If you applied in August then your test will be conducted on 11th September 2018… and institute ka ap ko FPSC waly khud btaen gy through Msg and possibility it will be written on your Roll no slip… 🙂

  19. Aoa,

    kindly ye batain k l interview khi mae hoga k isb mae ??

  20. Aslam o alikum.sir apply ke doran qualification wale portion me batchler wale portion me degree declaration date r grade ghlat ho gea tha koi problem ho ga kia?

  21. AOA..

    CH SAB


  22. A.o.A sir ch Asad sir ma nay custom intelligence k lye apply kia tha 20 june 2018 ko toh sir mghe koi confirmation message receive nhe hua fpsc ki traf se k apply hua ya nhe??? sir plzzz btaa den kaisay ptaa chlay gaa k apply hua yaa nhe?

  23. A.o.A sir Application status kaisay check ho gaa ???

  24. Salam! Main June main Apply kiya tha aur Usi din aik Msg tu Fpsc ki tarf sy agya tha Applictain Submitt ka mgr dobara abi tak koi msg nai aya kindly ap bata sakty hain ky Msg kab tak aye jis main woh Test Center ka batain gay aur kis kis ko agya hai? Pehle msg main tu unhon ny bs test city mention kiya tha Location wala msg abi tak nai aya

  25. Brother do u have this book in PDF ??
    ILMI FPSC Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer Guide 2018 By Rai M Iqbal Kharal

  26. Abdul Monem
    Sir yh Sab kh Ray Ha k Dogar ki book use kry and u
    Suggested Rai kharal’s book please tell me the more
    Effective book

  27. Bs-16 ki post me leay age relaxation kitni hai

  28. sir m nay 20 august ko custom inspector m apply kia hae ..plz tell me the test date

  29. am also apply in case f.4-178/2018-R in custom/intelligence officer BS-16 plz tell me the test date…

    • Agr ap ne July me apply kia tha to ap ka test 9th September 2018 pe ya us k bd ho ga…aur agr ap ne August me apply kia ha to ap ka test 11th November ko hoga

  30. Syed Muhammad Ali

    Hello, sir can you please tell me that i can be selected if i pass the test with flying colors but my height is almost 5ft 5inch?

    Everything else is ok (both physically and medically)

    • It will be your luck … As they have said minimum height 5ft 6inches… I hope they will give you some relaxation for this if you pass the test with a good score… Provide them medical proof of your height(as it is mentioned in the requirements)…

  31. Thanks sir, due to some compulsions I don’t use cell phone b/c lake of time. Now I have seen your suggestions and inspiration to all aspirants who had applied for this post and remained worried for the response expected from the fpsc. I am also the candidate for this. Now I am satisfied after this knowledge shared on your page. Thanks sir. If God willing all could qualify.

  32. Sanaullah Qaisrani

    Very good sir

  33. Aoa…….!sir kindly tell me when will be my test conduduct of custom inspector…..i apply in month of august…..from where we can download our roll no slip….also tell me any website where past papers of custom inspector easily can be downloaded……i humbly request u kindly tell me……………JAZAK-ALLAHA

    • Your test will be conducted on 11th November and you must download Admission Certificate from FPSC site when it will be announced… There are many websites which are providing MCQs and past papers of Custom Inspector… Search in the Google and read them online or copy them in Word file for future use. 🙂




  36. Salam
    Sir g agr ap k pass test Pdf file h tu snd kry. Plz
    Bcs. Comp+economic +General math

    when will you send more mcqs??

  38. Sir kindly ya bta dan ka test ki tyari kahn sa kran koi valid site ho ya kuch or

    • Syllabus ap ko FPSC ki site pe mil jay ga aur ap past papers and Custom Inspector ki books read kren… 20% marks English and 80% Marks Intelligence k hain jis me different parts aen gy…
      1. Basic Arithmetic
      2. Current Affairs.
      3. Pakistan Affairs and Islamic Studies
      4. General Science/Everyday
      5. Basic Computer Operations in MS Office

      Link for Syllabus: http://fpsc.gov.pk/exams/gr/syllabi

      Test k lye ap Resultimes sy past papers k MCQs parhen aur latestmcqs and gotest site hai wahan sy past paper MCQs read kren…

  39. Plz mjhy koi guide kr dy ga k mjh sy tracking no gum gya hai ab main kya kro

    • Ap k pas Admission Certificate ha? Agr wo hai to enough ha… Ap ko original CNIC, Treasury Receipt and Admission Certificate ly k jana hoga for the Test 🙂

  40. Salam Sir!! Plz yeh bata dein kia Calculator allow ha lana?? And Blue/Black Marker lana hoga bs??Thanks.

  41. What percentage is required to pass the test???

  42. They have not mentioned the passing marks… I think 40% will be the passing marks as it is most of the Universities papers passing marks 🙂

  43. Kashan Hussain Jatoi

    Ch Asad: Salam.. Dear mjhe ”
    ILMI FPSC Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer Guide 2018 By Rai M Iqbal Kharal” nhe mil rhi he, kahan se milegi..??

  44. aoa sir i have encyclopedia by ch najib and shahid khan past paper book but both are 2017 kia main ilmi wali book purchase karun ya phir yahi enough hain plz give me a quick reply as im running out of the time and my test will be on 12 sep sir

    • Age us book me syllabus cover hota to ap ko ILMI book purchase krny ki need ni…and ap internet pe past papers MCQs b search kren unhy b parhen…
      Here is the link for syllabus for the test: http://fpsc.gov.pk/exams/gr/syllabi

      Is syllabus k according dekhen k us book me sb content cover hoty hain ya ni… agr hoty hain to ap usi me sy preparation kren…

  45. Asslam.o.alikum sir main nay kafi dair phly about 2 moths phly fpsc k through patrol officer ka paper dia tha uska result ni aya wo kab tk aye ga

    • Walikum Asalam… Abi tk koi announcement ni hoi result ki… Is br kafi delay ho gya ha Result… But Insha Allah jald a jay ga… Ap fpsc.gov.pk site pe un sy contact b kr skty hain… wahan wo complete details bta den gy 🙂

  46. Muhammad Asif Nawaz

    sir kindly tell me about criteria of custom inspector/intelligence officer and with tell me score about my degree
    i have degree of Becholar in science in computer science (BSCS)
    my height 6 feet
    that’s why tell me about test which i should be clear to steps for selection.

    • Clear the test with good percentage then they will call you for an interview… The interview will decide your selection… So be prepare for the interview also 🙂

  47. Hello Sir!!Hope you are fine.Kindly inform me about the results??I mean when will the result come after the exam??And what is the criteria of passing the exams??Thanks.

    • Result within month announce ho jay ga… and Passing Marks ka mention ni kia gya so I think 40-50% passing marks hngy 🙂 As it is not mentioned in the Advertisement or on FPSC site, So I can’t tell you the exact figure 🙂

  48. AOA,
    koi bta skta h meri slip download ahi ho rhe , but mere pas bank ki receipt h slip kese download karu aur number pe msg b ni aya r na hi email i

    • Walikum Asalam… Ap ne form submit krwa k Admission Certificate download kia tha? agr wo download kia tha to us ki copy print krwa len… Test center ap ko Original CNIC, bank Treasury Receipt, and Admission Certificate ly k jana hoga bs 🙂

      • A.O.A SIR mai past paper read kr rai hun or jo mcqs isa wensite py diya han wo read kya han yahi enough ha ya koi book b lon
        mary pass aik book parhi b ha fpsc ki job ki FIA K lia li thi assistant sub insepector ki ha wo to dogar testmaster ki wohi book read kar lo ya new lon ab kun ky usa mai b ya sary topic han jo syllbus mai diya ha ise year mai wo book li ha plzzzz sir jaldi inform kar dijya ga plz

        • Walikum Asalam…!!!
          Agr us book me Test content complete hota ha to us me sy zror parhen aur sirf online MCQs sy hi na preparation kren… Sb jaga Past Papers hain jo k sirf ye idea dyty hain k Test kesy a skta ha aur kesy MCQs pochy ja skty hain… 80% Intelligence k MCQs hngy to ap ko wesi hi preparation krni hogi…
          FPSC site pe ap syllabus dekh skti hain 🙂

  49. SIR YE MaterIAL ENOuGH RAHEGA? fpsc past papers book useful he ?

  50. Sir kindly let me know under which section of FPSC website the screen test result is displayed?

  51. A.o.A SIR mai ny custom insepector k test ki perpartion online mcqs sy hi ki ha or jo mcqs ap ny website py isa website py diya ha wahan sy ki ha isa k lia koi book b lani parhy gi ya yahan sy tyaire ho jaya gi kun ky mary pas fpsc ki jon assistnt sub insepector ki book ha dogar testmaster walo ki usa mai b ya sb topic han ya per wahan sy kar lon plz sir inform kar dy plz sir

    • Book sy b preparation kr len… Bcoz jo MCQs upload kia gy hain yehe to ni aen gy… Ye Just Past Papers hain jin sy ap ko idea ho jay ga k MCQs kesy aen gy… Preparation apni complete kr k jaen ta k bd me prblm na ho 🙂

  52. AOA
    test k bad result kitne din bad ata hai?

  53. kindly accountantk lia koi boo bata dn prepration k lia plzz

  54. Hello, I have applied for custom inspector case number F4-178 in august and according to you, the exam for the people who applied in august will be in november. Right! Can you let me know the exact link where this is mentioned so that I can make sure about this and don’t miss my exam in case if it is tomorrow.
    I just need to make sure about my test date as I am doubtful about this because I haven’t got any solid link or written documentation on this. Thank you
    My case number is F4-178-2018R

  55. AOA sir i ve lost my Treasury Receipt..what can i do ..please help

    • Ap k pas Original CNIC and Admission Certificate hona chahye jo k apply krny k bd download kia hoga ap ne… Test me wo ly jaen aur unhy btaen Receipt ka…wo ap sy aik verification k lye sign krwaen gy then ap test dy sko gy 🙂

  56. Kashan Hussain Jatoi

    Ch Asad: Brother FPSC Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer ka Result kab tak ayega please?

  57. What is the merit criteria for final selection.Kindly give me detail about that,

  58. mae ne august mai apply kia tha lkn meri roolumber slip nhi ai ..or physical fitness ka documentary proof b send krna tha fpsc ko

  59. my CNIC has been Lost . copy of CNIC accepted by FPSC test centre or not?

    expected date of test? apply in August

    • Yes you can show them copy of CNIC but I suggest you to take original CNIC with you so that you will not face any kind of problem there and the test date is 11th November.

      • thank u so much sir kindly upload or email. me papers which are recently conducted by fpsc sep,2018. or send me any link where i can get the past papers of intelligence officer.

  60. Expectedly when will paper of custom intelligence will be held ? no news yet on website

  61. Kashan Hussain Jatoi

    Ch Asad: Dear when will the result announce?

  62. Kashan Hussain Jatoi

    Can anyone tell me when the result of Inspector Customs/Intelligence Officer will be announce..??

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