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FPSC Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer All Past Papers MCQs

FPSC Inspector Custom / Intelligence Officer All Past Paper MCQs – In this post, we are sharing with you All Past Papers MCQs that came in custom inspector exams of 2015,2016, and 2017… These MCQs will help you to pass the 2018 examination easily without any stress. We all know that exams preparation is necessary to clear the screening test. So that’s why we are providing this post with our dear users and the students of Pakistan who have applied for FPSC Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer Job 2018.

These MCQs will definitely help you to pass the exams and to tell you what kind of questions can be asked in the paper. We recommend you to share it as much possible as you can with your friends and also on your facebook timeline, groups and pages so that students can get benefit from this. Remember Allah help those who help others. 🙂

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All Past Papers MCQs:

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FPSC Custom Inspector All Past Paper MCQs

1. The first constructed barrage of Pakistan: Sukkur barrage

2. First Vice-president of the USA who visited Pakistan? Lyndon B. Johnson

3. Barack Obama is the president of USA? 44th

4. Bhasha dam on which river: Indus River

5. China joined WTO in? Dec 2001

6. Which theory is used for bridge making? Grothendieck toposes

7. Pakistan joins 3G Generation on? 23 April 2014

8. Hindukush mountain range connect Pakistan with? Afghanistan

9. Lahore Islamabad Motorway length? 375 km. confirm it

10. In how many years metro bus project was completed? 2 years I think

11. Which Ocean is deepest then others? Pacific Ocean

12. Comparing human eye with a camera which is common in both ? shutter in a camera, and the pupil, at the center of the iris

13. Current Interior Minister of Pakistan? Ch.Nisar Ali Khan

14. A recent conference that took place in Srilanka? Commonwealth Conference 2013

15. Why sky looks blue: (A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colors because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.)

16. Asian Development Bank founded in? August 22, 1966

17. The latest union that Pakistan joined? SCO

18. How many Women seats in the national assembly of Pakistan? 60 Seats

19. Who won FIFA cup final in 2014? GERMANY

20. The last series that Pakistan cricket team played with? SRILANKA

21. Zakat money can’t be used in? mosque

22. Tv basics color is? RGB (Red, Green & Blue)

23. 2015 ICC cricket world cup was hosted by? Aus & New Zealand

24. When Musharaf imposed Martial Law? 12 October 1999

25. SAARC head Quarter? Kathmandu, Nepal

26. When was local government bill passed? 2002

27. Ijmaa means? Consensus

28. Which kalimah is read after wadhu? Kalimah Shahadath

29. Sub Continent First Viceroy was? Charles Canning

30. The Jinnah book was written by? Jaswant Singh

31. Red Cross Headquarter? Geneva, Switzerland

32. Ramadan is which month of Islamic Calender? 9th

33. Namaz e Istasqa is prayed for? Rain

34. Pakistan how many times dismissed from his membership in Security Council? six times

35. Who collects the Quran Pak? Abu Bakr (RA)

36. Islamic sources of sharia? quran, Sunnah, ijmah, qiyas, ijtihad

37. Lunar Eclipse is? Earth passes between sun and moon

38. Which metal catches fire when thrown in water? Sodium

39. Why a pen appears bent, dept in water? Due to Refraction

40. Largest Gland? Liver

41. Photosynthesis involves? Chlorophyll

42. Surah Ayat without bismillah? Surah Touba

43. Who embraced Islam first in a woman:? Hazrat Khatija (RA)

44. Imam Bukhari real name was? Muhammad biIsmailil

45. Water is universal solvent due to? Chemical characteristics or Physical properties

46. Bone weakening is due ta o deficiency which vitamin? Vitamin D

47. What is Human body temperature in Fahrenheit Normal? 97.7–99.5 °F

48. What is Largest organ human body? Skin

49. Normal heartbeat? 72

50. Dialysis is done due to? Failure of Kidney

51. In which form calcium is present in Animals bone? Calcium phosphate

52. Blood is produced in? Bone Marrow

53. Study of an earthquake is called? Seismology

54. A lightyear is a unit of? Astronomy unit of length

55. Asian Development Bank founded in? August 22, 1966

56. In which form calcium is present in Animals bone? Calcium phosphate

57. Concave lens is used for? Short Sightedness

58. Hygrometer used for?Measurement of Humidity of air

59. Population percentage of Punjab? 55%

60. 1/3rd of sawab of Quran in which Surah by reciting? Sura Ikhlas

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