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Download Jingling Traffic Software Free Latest Version 2018

In my last post, I have shared Free WP Smush Pro plugin which helps you guys to rank your website higher in search engines. Today I will give you guys an amazing software named Jingling Traffic Software Bot. Jingling is an automatic traffic generator bot that generates traffic to your website. It can generate hundreds or even thousands of traffic views to your website or blog. Download Jingling Traffic Software Free to get more views on your website or blog. This is a simple java application through which a user can get as many views as he wants by simply typing their website URL and fix so other settings. This software is developed by China and it is also in the Chinese language too.

Jingling Traffic software generates traffic which shows original but in reality, it is fake and even Google Analytics show its real traffic. This also helps your website to rank better in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and others. That’s why it is considered as better SEO Tool. This traffic bot will generate same traffic as the traffic which comes from the Search engines. Download Jingling Traffic Software Free but always keep in mind that it is just a robot, not real people so if you want leads for your website then this software will not work for you. If you want but traffic on your site then I recommend you to download this free traffic bot from below.

Jingling traffic software download free

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Download Jingling Traffic Software Free 

Get free this traffic bot from our website to get the maximum views on your website or blog to “rank your site” better in search engines. As traffic is the good point for any website to rank it higher in every search engines. This software will generate traffic which will act as real and even Google feels that they are real views on the articles of your website.

How does it work?

1. Download the Traffic bot free from below.

2. Just extract the .rar file and double-click the .exe file and the Software will start.

3. Enter your website URL in the URL field and fix the settings according to your needs and hit start.

Try Jingling Traffic Bot Now!

Here are some of the features of this traffic bot software.

  • 101% Free
  • No registration required to install it.
  • Flexible and very easy to use
  • Free support service
  • Block pop-up ads
  • No setup needed
  • Developed by Professional team
  • Provides traffic from different regions
  • Acts as real traffic from different countries
  • Can select different countries for the traffic
  • English version is Traffic Spirit

Download Jingling Traffic Software Free

File Size: 259KB

Cost: Free

Password: 123456


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