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Download IMVU Cache Cleaner Latest Version Lifetime

Download IMVU Cache Cleaner: CacheCleaner is a free application designed to automate the Cache Cleaning process normally done by hand. Unlike IMVU Clear Cache function this does clear the actual product files on your computer saving you up to several Gigabytes of disk space, and also enables you to easily update your products after editing. CacheCleaner is also able to clear your icons cache forcing IMVU to update the client’s product icons. It is a small utility program that helps you to run a cache cleaner for your IMVU 3D chat program for 3D Chats.

IMVU CacheCleaner was initially designed for when IMVU had taken out the Clear Cache function but proofed to be extremely useful to developers even after the function was put back in. Easily save tons of disk-space, Update your product icons and your products in clean, fast and efficient.

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Try IMVU Cache Cleaner Features Now!

* Update product icons in client
* Update products in client
* Save tons of disk-space
* Does not put you in your default avatar clothes
* Buy Credits from your preferred reseller

Download & Source: CacheCleaner

Download IMVU Cache Cleaner v446.0

File Size: 497KB

Cost: Free


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