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How to Create Attractive Gigs on Fiverr that Generate 400% More Sales

In my last post, I have discussed the ways to Earn Money Online from YouTube by simply uploading videos to YouTube. Today I will tell you about Fiverr which is also one of the most popular online Earning platforms. On February  1st, 2010 Fiverr was set up by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. It is important to know about Fiverr Platform before starting to create Attractive Gigs on Fiverr.

How to Create Attractive Gigs on Fiverr

What Exactly the Fiverr is?

Basically, Fiverr is an online worldwide marketplace which offers different types of work and services related to IT industry, music industry, education industry, business industry, Fun, and lifestyle and many other different categories. Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where clients and users communicate with each other on the specific task or service according to the client’s requirement. Fiverr is available in Five languages English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Freelancers work in an assortment of working environments, extending from office to at home.

How Fiverr Works:

If you want to join Fiverr, firstly you have to Sign up and get registered. After Successfully Login to your account, there you will see a dashboard showing Attractive Gigs” on your profile. Giggs is basically the services that you provide to your client. A relation has created in between client and Freelancer. On Fiverr many Gigs start from $5. It totally depends on Gig that seller has the option to select their initial pricing point. While Gigs is even up to  500$ depending on what type of service you are providing. The main goal is to Create Attractive Gigs on Fiverr to increase the sales.

How to Improve your order on fiverr to increase sales

If you have created your account on Fiverr and still waiting for an order but orders do not come in. So your Gig is not right efficient. These steps change your sale ratio and add an awesome increment. You should follow these steps to Create Attractive Gigs on Fiverr:

Research Thoroughly and discover your niche in Fiverr

In this step, the main thing is the selection of appropriate niche which is the backbone of the overall process. Some people ignore this step and they don’t know what type of niche will be profitable for them which can give them more sales. Then the result is that they have Zero sales or worst Rating on Fiverr. Fiverr as of now records more than 750,000 administrations valued amongst $5 and $150.

The most irritating and confusing question arises in mind that which niche should be chosen. Let me tell you about which category you have to choose.

  • Firstly visit Fiverr.com.
  • There you see a variety of niches ranging from business consultant to Web Developer and Graphic designer.
  • Check out every category individually to open in the new tab.
  • For more extra ideas also check the subcategories.
  • Observe the Giggs” and think can you do the same as others are doing.

Create Attractive and best selling Gigg:

After the selection of your specific niche on which you are going to provide services. Gig is the source of getting more and more orders from the clients. Now you have to “create an attractive Gigg” on your every service. So the creation of Gig has importance.

  • Discover the selling tab in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Create a Gigg” option.
  • Now its time for your choice that in which niche would you feel interesting or better hope of getting orders.
  • Put any type of service like Article writing, logo designing, web development, the consultant that you have already decided.
  • Write the attractive title of the Gigg.
  • An attractive Gigg is optimized with their title, images, and video.
  • Give bonuses for the services which help to get more customers.

Earn online with Fiverr



I hope these powerful tips that I mentioned above about how to Create Attractive Gigs on Fiverr will prove very helpful. But if you’ll not follow and use these tips while creating your Gigg on Fiverr then there is no Guarantee that you get more orders from clients. So I suggest you to must follow these steps when creating a Gigg on specific service otherwise you have to wait for 2-3 months for getting orders. Use the Fiverr platform to earn and make money online. You must visit our website Resultimes for more updates related to tips and tricks, news, SEO, and about how to make money online.

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