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Earn Free Bitcoins Online in 6 Different Ways – Best Opportunity

How to Earn Free Bitcoins Online in 6 Different Ways? Well, before telling you the ways to earn free bitcoins I welcome you guys in this section of my site where I will provide the best and easiest ways to make free bitcoins from the internet. We recommend that you carefully read the content – this is your key to a stable profit, which is easy to turn into the paramount one. As of now, crypto-currencies are turning into a separate industry, and it is easy to make money without investments and pitfalls.

The most common cryptocurrency is bitcoins, which every person today dreams of, at least once, facing earnings in the network. Today we will consider the most popular ways in 2017, as in a short time, from scratch, without any investment, to earn a lot of bitcoins. So let’s get started..!!

how to get free bitcoins in 6 different ways

How to Earn Free Bitcoins in Different Working Ways

You have seen many sites saying Get Free Bitcoins Here but most of them are fake or scam. I tried many sites and finally got the list of sites from where Bitcoins can be generated freely. These sites are real and 100% legit and working. So grab these sites and earn free bitcoins online without any investment. But before signing up for any of these sites you must have a Bitcoin Wallet. I personally highly recommend Block Chain to use for any bitcoin transaction from these below sites to your bitcoin wallet address.

List of Top Sites for Free Bitcoin Earning

1. Freebitco.in

A very First real and 101% legit site of 2017 for bitcoin making. This site gives free BTC to everyone who registers on their website. You can make free BTC every hour and can transfer them to your Bitcoin Wallet once you reach the 30000 Satoshi limit of the transaction. Sign up here to earn free bitcoins as soon as possible.

2. BtcClicks

Second most trusted and legit site is BtcClicks. This site allows you to choose which ads to show from which you can earn BTC. you solve a simple mathematical captcha, and the treasured coins are already in your pocket. Pay for Haro and directly, the threshold of payments – 1000 Satoshi.

3. ADbtc

The newest system for earning Bitcoins. Both manually and automatically. This site allows you to get free Bitcoins without time limit.  It’s better than the Bitcoin crane, it’s not mining bitcoins, just Bitcoin earnings online for browsing the web ( Bitcoin surfing ). You can register on this Link for quick earning Bitcoins.

4. BonusBitcoin

The most popular bitcoin crane, distributing free satoshis once every 15 minutes. At the end of each day replenishes your account with a 5% bonus, regardless of how large or small it is. The only annoying factor is advertising, which is not always correctly displayed in all browsers, because of what the balance and account buttons may be difficult to see. The output threshold is 10,000 Satoshi. Register at this link.

5. BattleBitcoin

This crane is characterized by two kinds of distributions – ten-minute and hourly. In breaks, you can play the lottery by the principle of crowdfunding. Pays on request directly to your wallet. Has a human, non-annoying interface, albeit with abundant advertising. Register at this link.

6. DailyFreeBits

One of the first distributors of bitcoins launched on the English-language Internet. Has paid already a whole lot of money to its visitors, has a tolerable interface, pays on demand. The output threshold is a modest 3,500 Satoshi. Distribution occurs hourly. The only negative – does not give too much. Register at this link.

Tips for Better Earning

  • Get as many referrals as you can.
  • Work on all the sites together and earn BTC.


So these are the legit and real working Bitcoin sites from where you can earn free bitcoins without any investment or risk. You can also invest in these sites but I recommend you should make free BTC. I hope you liked my post and will share it with your friends. Don’t forget to read How to Make Money from Facebook.

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