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5 Real Methods to Make Money Online – Best Ways to Earn Online

In my previous post, I told about the best Alternative of Google AdSense sites who pays more than AdSense. Yes, it’s true that there are many Ads networks who pay much more than Google AdSense and are reliable. In this post, I will tell you the best 5 methods or ways to make money online without investment. These methods are very useful if carried out in a right way. We will upload more ways soon to this page till then bookmark the page and try these Methods to make money online sitting at home.

Everyone dreams to make money by sitting and work at home. Who does not want to make more money? It does not matter – by part-time or freelance. Agree, it’s always nice to add a few dollars to your budget. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to get an extra job. If this is about you, do not give up. It’s best to turn your eyes to where you are most likely spending most of your time – on the Internet.

There are many ways to make money online, from advertising products on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you can also earn money easily by choosing the right method from below that suits you best. Here are 5 unique and easy ways or methods to make money online.

5 Methods to Make Money Online

5 Best Methods to Make Money Online

1. Get money for polls

Do you enjoy interviews? Some companies pay people for responding to questions and thus collect valuable information from consumers and users. This may not be the most interesting activity for which you can get a dollar or two but still look at sites like CashbackResearch.com that offer cash for your opinion.

2. Writing articles

If you overcome the initial fear, gain experience and work for a year or two, you can get a sufficiently demanded and well-paid profession copywriter.

Each of the stock exchanges has their own characteristics, but the general trend is approximately this: the more tasks performed behind the author’s back, the more customers and the fee for one article.

The main fallacy: to write articles you need to be either a philologist or a journalist, or there must be a talent for it. This is completely wrong. Yes, in order to earn decent amounts (from 1-2 thousand rubles per article) you will need to gain experience and skills, but the initial threshold of entry into the profession is quite low: it is enough to express thoughts and use spelling and punctuation services pores will come down and banal wards).

3. Create a successful blog

Writing entertaining and interesting posts for a blog can bring you money through advertising, affiliate links or other earning options. Your success as a blogger will depend on your writing talent, on how interesting the topic you are interested in and the popularity of the links that you will put (these can be backlinks or pay-per-click links like Google AdWords).

Make Money Online

4. Sell your things on the Amazon, e-Bay or similar site

The rapid growth and success of eBay have spawned many competitors who conduct auctions or create online markets for different products. If you want to get rid of unnecessary things from the wardrobe and sell your design items on the Internet or run a full-fledged online store – you can earn extra and even big money on sites like Amazon, Etsy, and others.

5. PhotoStock

The sale of unique photographs is one way to make money on the Internet for semi-professional photographers. The network is very much appreciated for unique thematic photos. Most sites and blogs can not afford to post pictures in the articles that have already been exposed somewhere else. That’s why they really need thematic and unique photos.

You can not take a lot for one photo, but if you like to take photos, then about 1-2 thousand rubles a day can be earned consistently. But it is worthwhile to understand that only nature’s pictures are of little interest. Thematic photos of fishing, hunting, flowers, office interiors, even banal pens on the office desk – that’s what really sells.

You can sell your photos on istockphoto and other similar sites.


There are no restrictions on earnings on the Internet – it is always possible to set up a multi-billion dollar company in the network (as a real example – Amazon).

There are really a lot of opportunities for earning money on the Internet. It’s enough to work, develop in your professions and in a short time you can earn large amounts of money stably.

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