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15 Secret Android Hacks and Tricks for your Android Phone 2017 {Updated}

15 Secret Android Hacks and Tricks 2017 – Android Phone is one of the most famous and fastest growing Operating System nowadays. Android OS has billions of users World Wide today and is increasing every day. 80% of the Phones are Android OS based. All the functionality that is given to users is only for normal use while other features are hidden.

Today I will show you some secret android hacks and tricks which will reveal some hidden features or you can say functionality of your Android Phone. I have searched a lot and gathered a latest 2017 list of Android hacks and tricks for you which will help you to open the secret world of Android. These Android tricks and hacks make your phone smarter and smarter.

In the advanced world of Technology, everyone wants smarter Phones which can make their life easy and through which they can do tasks easily. You must know what you can do with your smartphone. So I will guide you about the android hacks and tricks which can make your life cool. Just scroll down and try these tricks.

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android phone hacks and tricks

15 Secret Android Hacks and Tricks 2017

Don’t waste time now and try all of these Android hacks and tricks which I have listed here for you. So let’s get started now.

1. Close unwanted Applications.

The drawback of Android phones is that even you close the applications it always runs in the background which makes your system very slow. You can close these applications by going to Menu>Settings>Application manager>Running. There you can close all the unwanted applications.

2. Increase Speed of your Phone.

In the Options Developer Categories, we find three settings: animation scaling box, animation transition scale, and duration Animator scale. Change the values from 1.0 to 0.5 for both effects and transitions faster. You will not believe how much it will change.

3. Hide Whatsapp Status, Last Seen & Profile Picture.

Whatsapp is a Messaging app which grows so fast. This application provides the feature to update online status, last seen of your contacts and you can also upload the profile picture of you. An online call can be made on WhatsApp. I will tell you a secret trick about WhatsApp. So, guys, you can hide your profile picture, last seen, and WhatsApp status from other people. Go to Whatsapp>Settings>Account>Privacy and change the settings there. WhatsApp has added this cool feature recently. Enjoy this feature.

4. Volume in Google Maps.

The big problem of people using Google Maps Navigation is the low volume during navigation. This reduced volume is especially felt in densely populated cities.
Adjust the navigation volume in Google Maps: Maps/menu at the top left / Settings / Navigation / Sound level.

5. Split the Screen.

This is a feature introduced in Android 7 Nougat, which comes to improve multitasking on Android. This feature is present for a long time on Samsung, LG, HTC, etc., but is now native to Android, well-moving and does not consume resources as a third application. Split the screen operation is very smooth and nice portrait of the landscape.

Android Split windows trick

6. Install Dual WhatsApp.

A new term is in the air “Dual WhatsApp“. Yes, it’s true, you can now use dual WhatsApp on your single smartphone. Just you have to install an app named “GB WhatsApp APK” which will make dual Whatsapp on your phone.

7. Measurements on Google Maps.

Holding the screen to the “pin“, which is specific, then the menu opens, where we find the “measured distance“. From here we began to move the map as we want. To change the direction suddenly, press the “+” button to add the rod.

measurements on google map - android hacks and tricks

8. Run back and forth on YouTube.

You can do a trick on YouTube also by using your Android smartphone. Run back and forth on YouTube by doing the following. This is done by pressing a few times left or right on the video screen. We quickly 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 seconds, depending on how many times quickly get to the screen.

9. Remove or Unlist number from TrueCaller.

TrueCaller is one of the most famous Phone number searching App. Every person who installs this app gives permission to the app to fetch all the contacts to their databases with the name. So that anyone can search the phone number with the name easily. You can now remove your or your loved one number from TrueCaller by following these steps.

1. Go to TrueCaller website.

2. Then sign in and move to unlist option. There fill out the form information about your Phone number with country code.

3. Tell them the reason of why to remove or unlist the number and then solve the Captcha Code and hit enter.

4. Your form will be submitted and next day you can see the phone number is removed from their databases.

truecaller - android hacks and tricks

10. Disable the Already installed Apps

There are many apps like Google App, Galaxy Apps, Google Play Services, Talk Back and much more which are preinstalled on your Android device. These applications cannot be uninstalled from your phone in any way and annoy us by giving updates every week. I will tell you a secret to stop them. Go to your phone Menu>Settings>Application Manager>All. Here you can stop the preinstalled apps by clicking on the app and disable it.

Android apps disable - android hacks and tricks 2017

11. Download APK from Google Play Store

You can download the .apk files from Google Play Store easily. As Play Store only allows to directly install the app on your smartphone or tablet. I will tell you the way through which you can easily download the .apk files. Simply just follow the steps:

1. First, go to the link APK-DL.

2. Copy and paste the Package Name or Google Play URL in the bar and hit the search button.

3. Now it will show you the app in .APK format. You can download the app easily in the .apk format now and enjoy.

APK downloader - secret android hacks and tricks

12. Enable the Developers Mode in Android

You can reveal advance settings by enabling the Developers mode on your android phone. It will help you to gain the control over your smartphone like managing the time of application loading, USB debugging, display the points on the screen which are touched and much more new hidden features. You can activate this option by opening Menu>Settings>About Device. Scroll below and tap 10 times the Build number option to activate the Developers mode. In many Android smartphones it is already activated but on some devices, you have to manually activate it.

13. Disable Notifications for an Application

Suppose you are playing a game and suddenly a notification occurs of that game or any other application, it will interrupt you and distract your focus from game to that notification. You can disable the notification of any application simply by going to Menu>Settings>Application Manager>All. Select the application for which you want the popup application to be disabled. Untick the tab of “Show Notifications” and enjoy your game and other activities.

disable apps notifications - android hacks and tricks

14. Clear Cache without any recovery option

In most of the Android smartphones and updates, if you want to clear the cache you have to enter the recovery mode. But today I will tell you the easiest way to clear the cache without going into the recovery mode. Go to Menu>Settings>Additional Settings>Storage>File Cleanup. This setting is above 6.0. You can do the same for lower updates by going to Settings>Storage>Cache Clear.

15. Fake Location to GPS

You can trick the GPS service to point your location to another destination. This trick helps you to access any website without telling your real location. For this, you have to enable the Developers options. Go to Settings>Developers Options>enable “Mock locations”. Now install an app which stimulates your another location. Install Fake Location and run the app and input the pin for where you like to be your location.

Fake location - android hacks and tricks 2017


So these are the Hidden secret Android hacks and tricks. I hope these Android tricks will be beneficial for you guys. Hope so these tricks make your phone smarter and you can enjoy all of its features. We will update the post soon with much more amazing android hacks and tricks. Thanks 🙂

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