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About Us

Welcome to Resultimes.com, the fastest growing educational website in Pakistan with all important information for students, teachers, and professionals. This website was developed to help all students or the visitors those who visit our site for educational services. We provide all information including studies, results, career, Professional life, and academic services points as well. Our website displays accurate information and we ensure before displaying that news is correct or not. On our website, you will find all latest updates and news regarding education and the coming soon Students events, results, Scholarships, free courses, Online test, past papers and much more useful information for all students and professionals on one website Resultimes.com.

The Basic for what Resultimes.com developed

Pakistan is an under developing country where no proper guideline for the future development is provided to students, teachers, and professionals also. Students have no proper guideline for selection of their interest field and due to this their future never shines and they failed to achieve their life goals and never grow according to their likes and interest. We have done many types of research and come to the point that 72% students of Pakistan are facing the same problem. As we are also the students of the university and we also face difficulties in collecting educational information regarding our future. So we decided to develop Resultimes.com so that every student of Pakistan will get the proper guideline and counseling of their future development. We started this project to solve problems of every student of Pakistan. On this Platform, you can get guideline from student level to Professional level. We provided and will also give in future the best and accurate information for the help of students to brighten their future.

Mission of Resultimes.com

Our Mission is to be the number one in providing the accurate information, and the complete career guide to every student of Pakistan to bring out what they have inside. We want to improve the skills of students and professionals so that they can stable their future and can choose the right path. To provide the required knowledge to the Pakistanis.